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Lector de Noticias en Python

Updated: 24-11-2018

The present news reader system is made with Python Feedparser which is a tool that allows you to have in one place access to all documents or news published by your favorite "sources".

Readers of news on the Internet are of many types and for many uses. In this case, the main advantage of this product is that it can be integrated, both in mobile devices and in web pages, to complete the information that is intended to be provided through its own platform, as well as to administer the design of the interface to its taste.

Accessing the administrative area in a very simple way you can edit the sources you want to be displayed on your own website or application for mobile devices as well as controlling the moment you want to show.

All the code that makes this possible is free software which allows us to modify it at our convenience.
Feel free to access the administrative area and view the access interface.

Do you want to incorporate some other source?

Do not hesitate to write to me


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