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Updated: 24-11-2018

The calculation system of body mass index is a relatively simple tool but very useful to have control of our weight and know how to interpret it in a medical way using the relevant calculations for the record, besides being able to graph it over time and keep a real control of our weight.

Two forms are presented:

  • the first: form to insert the person where the name and height are incorporated
  • the second: historical form where the previously inserted person is selected, the current weight and the date are placed

The result, a table where you can see the name the weight the date the body mass index and the variation with respect to the previous weight and the current weight.

The approved legend is also presented to interpret these calculations, available on many Internet sites to compare our results with these medical criteria.

Feel free to use this tool.

It can be useful in schools or centers where it is important to have the history for each of the people of your body mass index or your weight without having to take control in Excel sheets being this accessible from mobile devices or computers personal


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